Home Kitchen

Thank you Woodbury University School of Architecture for inviting me me provide lunch for the San Diego and Burbank staff today. As always, it’s a pleasure! And thanks to Christina Ng and Chinita’s Panaderia for the amazing sweets!

charcuterie sandwich|   cured meats. house smoked butter. castelvetrano olive spread.

winter barley salad|   barley. roasted winter squash. cippolini onions. pepitas.

simple fruit salad|   melon. feta. microbasil. lemon, basil & aniseed dressing.

assorted cookies from Chinita’s Panaderia|   Mexican double chocolate. snickerdoodle.

Thank you UCSD Art Gallery for inviting me to provide brunch refreshments for a screening of a film by Uriel Orlow, Remnants of the Future / Plans for the Past , as part of the event series Timing is Everything.


I was grateful to be able to stay for the film, which showed culturally significant archaeological and architectural sites that have been left to decline and/or repurpose by current communities. The buildings and landscapes were brutally beautiful…

tea sandwiches | chicken salad with sour cherries and fennel on brioche.

white bean toasts | cannellini bean puree. tomato confit & oil. good brown bread.

simple fruit salad | melon. lemon, basil & honey dressing.

Thank you Woodbury University for inviting me to provide refreshments for panel discussion with Christopher Hawthorne (architecture critic for LA Times), Leah Ollman (art critic for LA Times), and Robert Pincus (local art critic/historian) last Friday. Honored to cook for people I’ve been reading for years. Really, honored!


Unfortunately my camera was without battery today (as in, I literally grabbed the camera and left the battery in my office…), but here are pics from a previous event of what I made for Woodbury, more or less.

flatbreads| harissa (Moroccan chili paste) braised beef. sweet potato. lebneh (yogurt). mint.

cannellini bean spread| charred tomatoes and tomato confit oil. A good crusty bread. (no pics of this, too bad!)

mediterranean sweet plate| halvah (sweet sesame confection). grapes. dates. walnuts. honey.