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I recently had the pleasure of being invited to work with chef Flor Franco for a tasting menu event at Manzanilla in Ensenada, Baja California. Among other projects, Franco is the chef/creator of Resguardo and Convivia at the eco-resort Encuentro de Guadalupe in the wine producing Valle de Guadalupe. Encuentro and the restaurants Flor has established there are very special because they exemplify a complete integration of local food and wine crafting, organic farming, water conservation, and exquisitely austere architecture… Thanks to Encuentro and Flor for hosting us, and sharing some amazing meals at Encuentro and with neighbors in the Valle.

Encuentro. Let’s start with the perfect dinner Flor greeted us with…

Finca by Javier Placencia

Tres Galline at Montefiori Winery