Home Kitchen

So happy to share images of this beauty show of a wedding we catered for friends in Joshua Tree, California. As a human, it was an honor to witness this family celebrating the commitment of @perrinizzle and @daniel.sebastian to each other. As an artist, I was thinking how could you possibly fit more creativity and love-work into one party? Otherworldly florals by @blacklotusdesign , absolute perfection by @dawn_photo, cocktails by @snakeoilcocktail , and I had the opportunity to build the color palette of the food to set well in the landscape and the earthy and gorgeous ceramics made by the bride herself @perriannhodges . All in the iT House by Taalman Koch Architects, in one of my favorite natural locations in the world. Congrats to Perriann & Daniel! See the house: https://abnb.me/EVmg/2yVu6Z2riH On-site professor of neuroscience in case of emergencies and surprise power outages: @leraboroditsky 😂 Thanks @specialtyproduce for everything under the sun.