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This is HKC’s casual menu, packaged for delivery. All catering orders by arrangement and upon availability of your desired date. May require arrangement 1-2 weeks prior to desired delivery date. 

*All food on this menu is designed to be served cold to room temp, to eliminate the cost and fuss of full service catering. 

*Home Kitchen Culture would love to design a full service catering experience for your next convention, gala, wedding, or special reception. To speak to us about a boutique catering experience, please contact us through the “Get A Quote” button above and we will lead you through the creative process!


Minimum order of 10 per sandwich type. $10 each. 

Salame & Smoked Butter| Cured Italian meats. House smoked butter. Olive spread.

Roast Beef| Roast beef, pickled onions, crisp butter lettuce, horseradish mayo. 

Turkey Club| Turkey, bacon, tomato, lettuce, cheddar with pesto-mayo.

Turkey & Roasted Peppers| House pesto, crisp butter lettuce, on ciabatta. 

Curried Chicken Salad Wrap| Roasted chicken, curried yogurt, raisins, walnuts, snow peas and mint. 

Pulled Pork| Pulled braised pork shoulder. Pickled cucumber and carrot. Miso ginger slaw. 

*Make it a boxed lunch! Add kettle chips, citrus soda and a locally baked cookie for $6. 



Minimum order of 10 per sandwich type. $10 each. 

Spanish Fritatta| Spanish egg and potato fritata. 

Grilled Veggie & Feta| Grilled vegetables, feta, olive oil and house pesto. 

White Bean and Veggie| White bean and confit garlic spread, with grilled vegetables and butter lettuce.  

Grilled Vegetable & Hummus Wrap| Grilled seasonal vegetables, hummus, and crisp butter lettuce in a wrap.

Egg Salad| Organic Egg, radish, and butter lettuce. Bacon (upon request). 

*Make it a boxed lunch! Add kettle chips, citrus soda and our Chocolate Toffee OMG cookie for $6.



Packaged individually. $14 per salad, minimum order $98. 

Grilled Chicken Salad| Herb brined and grilled chicken breast. Garden vegetables. Valbreso French feta. Hardboiled organic egg. Good olive oil & vinegar.

Grilled Steak| (add $2) Garden vegetables. Valbreso feta. Hardboiled organic egg. Good olive oil and vinegar.  

Tuna and Cannellini Bean Salad| Sustainable, line caught tuna from American Tuna, cannellini beans, castelvetrano olives, and celery with fresh herb vinaigrette. 

Cobb Salad| Hardboiled organic egg, bacon, garden vegetables, and crisp butter lettuce with blue cheese dressing. 

Fennel and Citrus Salad| Shaved fennel, seasonal citrus, goat cheese, walnuts, and butter lettuce with aniseed & citrus dressing. 

Farro Salad with House Pesto and Grilled Vegetables| Over butter lettuce (vegan).

*Make it a boxed lunch! Add kettle chips, citrus soda and our Chocolate Toffee OMG cookie for $6.



Each serve 8-12.

Grilled Vegetable Platter| Grilled seasonal vegetables with accompanying sauces. Lebneh with lime. Meyer lemon, herb, and pine nut pesto. Harissa. (Vegan) $100. Add house-made za’atar flatbread for a crowd, $32. 

Braised Beef Empanadas| Chili braised beef with raisins and sweet potato. Sweet cornmeal crust. Served with charred chile sauce and crema Mexicana. 25 @ $80. 

Sweet Potato Empanadas| Kale, corn, sweet potato & raisins. Sweet cornmeal crust. Served with charred chile sauce and crema Mexicana (Vegetarian). 25 @ $80.

Buttermilk biscuits with jams, herb butters and honey. $65.

Fresh fruit and nut platter. $65. 


Serves 10-15. 

Cannellini Bean Spread| Cannellini bean and roasted garlic spread. Herbed and roasted tomatoes. Baguette. $50

Charred Eggplant Spread| Baguette. $65

Lebneh w/Olives| Arabic yogurt with toasted spices, olives, and single origin Spanish olive oil. Baguette. $50 

Substitute house made za’atar flatbread for baguette, $8 more. 


Choose one MAIN, one SALAD, and one SIDE. Locally baked bread and fancy butter, included. $18 per person, 25 person minimum. Add an additional protein or side by arrangement. $25 delivery fee. Don’t like the look of disposable trays, or concerned about the environment and want to minimize packaging? Classy & modern platters are available for an additional $25 (per 50 guests) pickup and rental fee. 


Herb Brined & Roasted Chicken Breast| House pesto. 

Shallot & Garlic Braised Chicken Thighs| Seasoned and slow roasted in garlic, herbs, and white wine. 

Honey Baked Salmon| With dill creme fraiche. 


Apple & Walnut| Red & green butter leaf lettuce, crisped pancetta, balsamic vinaigrette (pancetta on side, upon request).

House Chicory| Arugula and radicchio, shaved Parmesan, house croutons & simple lemon vinaigrette.

Orange & Radish| Butter leaf lettuce and radicchio, local oranges and radishes, fresh herbs, goat cheese.  

Kale & Cherry| Parmesan, house croutons & balsamic vinaigrette. 


Roasted new potatoes with confit garlic and rosemary. 

Roasted brussels sprouts with pancetta. 

Grilled seasonal vegetables.

Herbed farro salad with grilled seasonal vegetables. 

Garden pasta salad with Summer tomato sauce and Parmesan. 

Grilled broccolini topped with fried farro & Aleppo pepper.  

Curried cauliflower, walnut & raisin with herbed couscous. 


Sweets are a must! You will want extra of these extremely good treats. 


Chocolate Toffee OMG Cookie. $18 per 12, $30 per 24 . 

Buckwheat, Ginger & Molasses Cookie. $18 per 12, $30 per 24. 

Pistachio, Oat, and Cherry Cookie. $18 per 12, $30 per 24.

Key Lime Vanilla Sugar Cookie. $18 per 12, $30 per 24. 

Gluten Free Chocolate Walnut Cookie. $20 per 12, $32 per 24. 

Pistachio Shortbread with Chocolate & Gold. $32 per 20. 

Meyer Lemon Shortbread with Chocolate & Gold $32 per 20. 


NY Cheesecake|Creamy New York style cheesecake square with chocolate lace. $60 per 35. 

Valrhona Chocolate Ganache| Lemon shortbread crust. Petite serving. $60 per 35. 

Red Velvet Petit Fours| Mascarpone buttercream. Bite sized. $45 per 25